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As a creative type, I get really excited about colors and patterns and how they can tell a story or present a perspective. This is a real plus when helping people make decisions that can seem daunting. By using thoughtful care to reflect your personal style, we create spaces you want to live in and speak to your own unique perspective. We all need to be comfortable in the places in which we spend most of our

valuable time.

Intentional design 

makes certain the entire process is influenced by the client's needs in addition to their unique style perspective.  Ensuring your needs get met is my way of finding your design story.


As long as I can remember, I have LOVED ART and artful (often functional) objects.  But it is important to know how to balance those beautiful things leaving space for retreat and renewal. I have always enjoyed creating spaces that flow with various lifestyles. Over the years, I have found making homes feel like the reflection of the people living in them is a true joy.  Finding creative design solutions with an emphasis on function is my definition of stylish comfort. 


 I primarily work with:

However, I also will bid on projects independently with your chosen contractor.  


Are you remodeling or building a new home? I'm happy to meet and discuss your ideas and hear about your project parameters. Let's talk about how to achieve your goals in an hour consult and then if you feel we are a good fit, we can go from there.   

Typical Services:

(price bid per scope)

  • Remodels/New Build Interior Design

  • Space Planning

  • Floor Plan Adjustment

  • Website Design

  • Digital Illustration & Rendering

I pride myself on partnering well with both contractors and clients to help maintain clear and helpful communication throughout the entire process so as a team, we can accomplish an exceptional end result.

Finish Selection

Finish Selection

Choosing items for your space can be intimidating...not to mention planning how colors, textiles, wood tones and fixtures will all work together. Anyone can get lost choosing the perfect grey with the right trim color from a pile of paint chips. Back away from that sample paint can and let's start your project with a custom guide based on your needs. Image: Rattlesnake Construction -Schoolhouse Condo

New Construction/Remodels

New Construction/Remodels

When planning a remodel or building a house, a lot of decisions are at play. It can be overwhelming to stay on track with both your desires and budget. But the whole process can also be exciting and fun. I can walk you through the process. Book a consultation today! Image: RMR Builders, Direct Source

Furnishings and Decor

Furnishings and Decor

Furniture procurement and installation. Furnishings by Smithblack Furniture, Modory Home Furnishings, Madison Creek Furnishings and Wagners's Furniture. (NOTE: currently this service only offered to new construction or remodeling clients)

I work with high quality local contractors to give professional spaces the function they need while staying on brand. Whether its a front entry redo or a total overhaul of your commercial space, I can provide ideas to update the look and feel of your space. Contact me to get started. Image: Johnson& Johnson Law, RMR Builders, Sustainable Lumber Co., artwork by Mantucky

3D Renderings

3D Renderings

My skillset includes 2D and 3D imagery and illustration. I can help you realize your vision in digital form before any construction takes place and during the process as things develop. This allows us to explore floor plan adjustments in a more interactive hands-on manner.

Floor Plan Visualization

Floor Plan Visualization

I have been chosen as one of Room Sketcher's Suppliers for my extensive work with using their platform to create 2D and 3D visuals for my clients. I also use their platform to create and edit floor plans for new construction and remodels.

Website Development

Website Development

My website services include, site illustrations, logo development, domain procurement and strategies for your independent maintenance or my webmaster management.

Fine Art Commissions

Fine Art Commissions

acrylics and mixed media on birch board panels

Art Installations

Art Installations

Ann Karp, owner of Sideways Gaze Art & Design painting the ceiling of a fly fishing enthusiast's home as part of my design plan



Digital illustration done for a real estate development as part of their website design




I was overwhelmed by our new home building project.  Finding Kim Anderson made the endeavor such a positive experience.  She listens, then advises, with ideas that reflect what you would like to see.  She is so creative and talented along with being kind and patient.  I always feel so comfortable with all of our discussions.  I walk away feeling confident that the end result will be wonderful!  I can’t thank you enough.

Interior Decorations

Heather Philbrick,
New Construction
Florence, MT

My initial consultation was a pleasure. Kim intuitively understands color and space as they relate to function for my family. She has taken an overwhelming job and broken it down for me making it fun and exciting. With her eye on my budget and my wish list I know I have found an interior designer, I can trust to guide me through the building process. Thanks, Kim!


Cathy Semmelroth,


Missoula, MT


I spent weeks carting home sample after sample of flooring, tile, paint, cabinets, and pulls but the more I looked, the more confused I became with the myriad of choices.  I called Kim to help me pull all the pieces together.  Within 2 days of our initial meeting, Kim zeroed in on the perfect combination; blending old with new while still keeping the integrity and charm of our 1930s Bungalow.  She went shopping with me and provided us with a 2-D vision of what the completed project would look like.  Kim's enthusiasm to create a kitchen that is uniquely ours was infectious!  Not only is her eye for design and her ability to see color amazing she is also a hardworking, trustworthy individual.  Thank you, Kim, you will definitely be involved when we move into the next phase of our remodel.  

Kelsey Jimenez
Missoula, MT

Kim is a natural at home design - she has such a great eye but also tons of experience to back up her talent and artistic skill. Kim's knowledge of home design goes far beyond just design but she also understands home construction and stages of home remodels so her recommendations are based on what is possible and what would be most effective. I highly recommend her!

Lisa Hayhurst,


Missoula, MT

Kim took the time to listen to what I liked and worked in our home as well as what I wanted to change. She has great ideas, vision & decisiveness while still being approachable & flexible. Kim's talents & excitement for my project were contagious helping me shift from ”analysis paralysis” to action. Thanks Kim!

Kelli Larson
Missoula, MT

Kim is so gifted in what she does. She has such an “eye” to put colors and decor and even furniture together to create a space that is individualized to fit what I wanted. She helped me redesign my office space for my counseling practice and designed a setting that is soothing, inviting and warm to help my clients feel safe and relaxed. She is such a joy to work with, and is so dedicated to finding the “just right” pillow or plant or basket to accessorize the space. Plus, she is very diligent about keeping within the budget, which is important when you own your own business. I highly recommend her to anyone I know and my clients have said nothing but amazing things about the change to my space. Thank you Kim!

Whitney Warren Schwab
Missoula, MT

Stacy Gendreau,
Virtual Design
Gig Harbor, WA

Kim has a keen eye, is a great listener, and takes the time to understand your goals, style and interests to incorporate into her design plans. We were thrilled with the results of her work with us. Beautiful, strategic, and in line with our style and goals. Thank you, Kim!

Erin Pelger,

Exit Real Estate

Missoula, MT

Kim has a great eye for design and is so fun and approachable! She is the perfect person to recommend to my clients for their remodel projects!

C.J. Johnson,

Johnson & Johnson Law, PLLC.

Missoula, MT

Kim turned our very rough ideas into a polished final product that totally exceeded our expectations. We're so happy with our new office space!   We're very grateful! 

Where do I begin? Kim is so talented, has such an eye for design, space and simple ways to add the wow factor to your home.  She is a design master through and through.  The virtual design process was quick, easy and gave us a clear direction. And more than that - she is just the best human.  She is straightforward, honest, kind and trustworthy and hardworking.  I can't say enough.  You will never regret your time working with her.  

Janie Redifer,
New Construction
Polson, MT

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