Intentional Design
Creative Function

As a creative type, I get real nerdy real fast about colors and patterns and how they can tell a story or present a perspective.  This can be a real plus when helping people make decisions that can seem daunting. 

Intentional design 

ensures the entire process is influenced by the client's needs in addition to their unique style perspective.   

I have a M.A. in asking people open ended questions and assembling all that info into reports.  There is a fancy name for it but more importantly that skill set coupled with my artistic background comes in handy when working with clients. Ensuring your needs get met is my way of finding your design story. We all want to live in spaces that speak to our own unique perspective and also be comfortable in the places in which we spend most of our

valuable time.

As long as I can remember, I have LOVED ART and artful (often functional) objects. I found an natural outlet

for my visual passions when I designed the complete remodel of my own home for my family.   I went onto help others and found making spaces feel like the reflection of the people living in them is a true joy.  

Finding creative design solutions with the an emphasis on function is my definition of

stylish comfort.  

AND since I'm the mother of 3, I also understand the necessity of a strict budget.  I love the challenge of making a project feel complete and personal within the reality of not being able to live in a reproduction of Oprah's guest house.      

Are you remodeling or building a new home?

Packages: (price bid per scope)

  • Remodels/New Build Interior Design

  • Color/Pattern consultation

  • Personal Shopper (psst...you can set your budget!)

  • Staging for a Quick Sale

  • Home Styling

  • Wall Love: As an artist I create a piece or help you find a piece that compliments your colors, vibe and budget to personalize your space. 

  • Commercial Spaces

  • Office Refresh

  • Virtual Room by Room Design

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Missoula, MT 

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